WIN a pair of shoes designed by YOU at Upper Street! -

WIN a pair of shoes designed by YOU at Upper Street! -

If youve ever been inspired by footwear designers and wish you could turn your own imagined shoes into reality now is your chance to get creative as were offering you the chance to design and win your own custom shoes with Upper Street.

Based here in London Upper Street is a one-of-a-kind service that allows you to create your own dream shoes using its 3D online design tool. The tool is super easy to use and you wont need to be a Louboutin or a Manolo Blahnik to create fabulous footwear with a few clicks of a mouse. I created the spiky shoes pictured above this morning and it took me less than ten minutes - its really addictive once you get going!

All the materials used to make Upper Streets shoes are of great quality so you can choose from real leather and suede ponyskin patent shimmering metallics and more to create your ideal shoe. Whether youre fed up with seeing the same old designs in shops or looking for a shoe to be the perfect companion to your favourite outfit this is a great opportunity to come away with a shoe thats just for you worth up to £350.


Expiration Date: 17.03. 2013

Category: Beauty, Fashion


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