Create new Giveaway on your Facebook page in less than 3 minutes

  1. Works on all Facebook Pages
  2. No programing needed
  3. Simple principle - "LIKE" my FB page in order to ENTER
  4. There is only one condition for Contestants to entry your Giveaway - to be a Fan of your FB page
  5. It is FREE and simple, you only provide the prize
  6. It is fully compliant with Facebook promotions guidelines
  7. All Giveaways are strongly promoted on and Emperola FB page
  8. This is not giveaway listing directory, click here if you looking for where to list your giveaway

How to create your own Giveaway and get more LIKES for your FB page:

  1. Login to Facebook

  2. Select CREATE YOUR OWN GIVEAWAY in the top menu.

  3. Be a Fan of

  4. You have to allow Emperola application to access your data on Facebook

  5. Select Your FB Page

    Install the application tab on your FB Page. (Needed just if the application tab is not already installed).
    or Select FB Page to which you want to add the Giveaway. (You have to have be an administrator of FB page.)
  6. Enter all information required and SUBMIT.

  7. By submitting you agree with our Terms and Conditions.

  8. Your Giveaway is NOT ACTIVATED and is still editable.

    You CAN STILL DELETE the Giveaway
    You CAN NOT CHANGE the ending date
  9. To EDIT your Giveaway select EDIT YOUR GIVEAWAYS in the top menu.
  10. Select the Giveaway you want to EDIT.

  11. Confirm all the info and ACTIVATE your Giveaway in the detail of the Giveaway.
    Your Giveaway is Published - since then you CAN NOT DELETE the Giveaway.
  12. Promote your Giveaway on your FB page and on giveaways listing directories
  13. Do you want to see who entered already, click on the ENTRIES button.

  14. Once the Giveaway is activated, you can stop it by clicking on the DRAW button.
  15. Enter number of winners and DRAW.

  16. You will get list of winner and the emails, which will be chosen at random.

  17. Contact the winners and send them the prizes.

  18. Create new Giveaway again!


Do you want to win? Enter our Giveaways now!

  1. It is FREE
  2. You have to be fan of the page organizing the Giveaway
  3. You have to allow Emperola application to access your data on Facebook
  4. All winners are chosen at random.

How do I enter a Giveaway

  1. Connect to Facebook

  2. Select VIEW MORE GIVEAWAYS in the top menu.

  3. Select Giveaway you like

  4. Be a fan of the page if you are not

  5. Click on "Enter contest here >>"

  6. Can not see the ENTRY BUTTON? - Switch your Facebook from mobile version to classic version.

    Once you enter you should see this

  1. Enter more Giveaways

  2. Share with your friends

  3. You will be informed if you won.

  4. Or check your account regularly


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