Win a shower panel worth £969 -

Win a shower panel worth £969 -

We all know the importance of starting your day on the right foot especially if you're not a morning person. One of the best ways to shake off that sleepy feeling is to step into a revitalising shower.

Luckily Hudson Reed is offering one Build It reader the opportunity to win the new AS388 Spritz thermostatic shower panel worth £969. Finished in brushed stainless steelthe shower panel's stylish presentation would be a welcome feature in any bathroom or wetroom.

In addition to the sleek inset square fixed head and nozzles that release a fine needle spray this stunning shower also boasts three rounded body jets that produce a refreshing fine mist spray.

This state-of-the-art product is the latest addition to Hudson Reed's luxury range. The ultra contemporary shower looks attractive and will meet your performance expectations.

For more information or to buy online call 01282 418000 or visit

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Expiration Date: 01.01. 2014

Category: Home, Garden


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