Healthy Home Cleaning Kit - Fresh Tech Maid

Healthy Home Cleaning Kit - Fresh Tech Maid

The healthy home cleaning kit includes:
Microfiber Cloths: Our cleaning kit includes three-color varieties of microfiber cleaning cloths. These cloths are excellent for cleaning and removing germs without the use of harsh chemicals! At Fresh Tech Maid our technicians use green for the bathroom red for the kitchen and blue for general surfaces.
Cleaning Tools: Agitation tools provide an extra deep clean. Our kit includes a scraper a whisk broom sponges microfiber mop cover and a cleaning toothbrush for all surfaces.
DI Water: Branded by Fresh Tech Maid De-ionized water is the most effective chemical-free general cleaner you’ll ever find! DI water is H2O in its purest form making it an eco-friendly yet powerful solvent suited to all your general cleaning needs!
Professional Pocket Apron: Our healthy home kit includes a professional-grade apron with many pockets so you can conveniently carry all of your new cleaning tools and spray bottles with ease!
Heavy-Duty Green Cleaner: In addition DI water you will also receive a multi-purpose eco-friendly cleaner formulated to handle everyday cleaning tasks as well as heavy-duty challenges.


Expiration Date: August 22. 2017

Category: Home, Garden


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