Divine Bovine Gourmet Jerky Variety of Kinds - Divine Bovine

Divine Bovine Gourmet Jerky Variety of Kinds - Divine Bovine

Win a variety of Divine Bovine Gourmet Jerky ARV $65. Ongoing contest winners are picked weekly.

All our Tender Gourmet Jerky is marinated in a delicious blend of savory spices and Pops’ unique recipes.  It’s so delicious you’d never guess that it is good for you too!  Many of our customers eat Divine Bovine Jerky as a part of a Paleo Diet – an ancestral approach that prioritizes eating real whole nutrient-dense foods.

Whether you choose our Beef Turkey or Pork jerky variety your body will truly appreciate the fact that you’ve opted for a healthy and delicious alternative to junk food! As a low carbohydrate and high protein food source Divine Bovine Jerky has attracted a healthy-minded community that is into hiking CrossFit yoga camping fishing and more as well as those that are simply into good eats!

Why are our jerky products so amazing? We use only the highest quality ingredients with no MSG nitrates or nitrites... and it’s gluten free!


Expiration Date: January 01. 2018

Category: Restaurant, Food, Drinks


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