LuxBox Case monthly GiveAway - theWTFactory

LuxBox Case monthly GiveAway - theWTFactory

When we developed LuxBox Case we set out to provide more than just an acceptably stylish iPhone Case. First we started with the essential element of basic protection. The most important part to protect on a smartphone is the screen so we built LuxBox Case with a rim that extends beyond the screen surface to protect the screen in the event of accidental drops.

Our ultimate mission with LuxBox Case was and remains to be providing us all with an alternative to decorative trendy designed iPhone cases that provide not enough protection or the utilitarian case options with too much bulk and no personal style expression.

For the people who have discovered LuxBox Case we are hearing great stories of conversations struck up with strangers that ask about LuxBox Case and how much better the iPhone experience is with a pleasing wool or wood texture in your hands.

Thousands of style conscious iPhone users now have a daily LuxBox Case experience and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

The thing is we want to reach so many more people so they can enjoy the style protection slimline design and tactile experience of LuxBox Case.

Help Us Get the Word Out & Be REWARDED!


Expiration Date: September 30. 2017

Category: Electronics


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