STANLEY Model 1 3D Printer - Dude Shopping

STANLEY Model 1 3D Printer - Dude Shopping

You’ve heard about 3D Printers before but never actually considered buying one. Maybe it seems too complicated or maybe you’re just not sure what you would use it for. One thing is for certain: when a brand like STANLEY gets involved it’s time to take notice. The Model 1 is the first ever 3D Printer manufactured under the STANLEY® brand one of the world’s most trusted. With the Model 1 they focused on making the most user-friendly 3D Printer on the market. With an automated filament-loading process installing and replacing cartridges couldn’t be easier. It’s time to seriously consider how accessible 3D printing has now become and how much of a game changer it has the potential to be. 3D printing for the masses. Enter to win your very own STANLEY® Model 1 3D Printer.


Expiration Date: November 21. 2017

Category: Electronics


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