Update Your Space Giveaway - VIDA

Update Your Space Giveaway - VIDA

Update Your Space and Stock up on these home essentials:
1. $150 to zero calorie all natural cocktail mixtures from BeMixed

2. Three 3 month subscription to Gusto Di Romas authentic Italian appetizer box $180 value

3. One 1 set of the softest 500 thread count sheets from Third Living

4. $150 gift card to the Southern Kitchen Shoppe

5. Bastides Natural Liquid Hand Soap ultra-nourishing Hand & Body Lotion and signature Candle – handmade in France with natural ingredients $145 value

6. $150 gift card to VIDAs clothing accessories and home decor designed by independent artists


Expiration Date: April 10. 2018

Category: Home, Garden


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