Win a Smart Garaga! - Garaga

Win a Smart Garaga! - Garaga

The value of the prize is $2500 including the garage door system the opener and its accessories.
The Sweepstakes prize is the supply and installation of a GARAGA garage door and a LiftMaster door opener Model 8550W DC motor belt-drive system – which includes a battery back-up a 3-Button Visor Remote Control 893MAX and a Smart Control Panel 880LMW. Additional LiftMaster accessories included in the grand prize: Wireless Light Control 825LM Door and Gate Monitor 829LM 3-Button Mini Remote Control 890MAX Remote Light Switch 823LM Laser Parking Accessory 975LM and an Automatic Garage Door Lock 841LM. A Nest Cam Indoor security camera is also included. Installation and video history are not included for the Nest Cam Indoor security camera. Taxes if applicable will be paid by Garaga but any other costs such as permits or necessary repairs to the garage structure will be at the expense of the Sweepstakes winner. The value of the garage door is the suggested retail price in the winner’s market.


Expiration Date: June 28. 2018

Category: Home, Garden


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